Sunday, July 8, 2012

TV Review: Weeds 8x02: "A Beam of Sunshine"

Warning: The following may contain spoilers. Reader discretion advised.

ML-"I think I was a bad person."

Never did I ever expect to hear Nancy Botwin utter those words. Never! She was the worst person imaginable, but never seemed to give a damn about it. Getting shot in the head must early change a person.

Or does it? I posed a similar question in my True Blood review as well. What does it take to cause a person to change their ways? Nancy may think she's on the path to righteousness, but she's still technically dealing marijuana. How long before the reality of her hospital bills set in (did you notice they were at around $420,000?) and she reverts back to her dark and twisty ways?

My guess is not long. As Shane so thoughtfully pointed out in his little colorful diagram, she has plenty of enemies that still want her dead. If Nancy is going to get vicious against a clown imagine what she'll do when confronted by Guillermo again. She thinks now they can be the "After Botwins", like the people in the Before & After ads on TV, but she seems to have forgotten she already tried changing her identity as a Newman last year. 

Mary-Louise Parker is having a blast in this new season, and I'm happy for her. She's done a brilliant job of portraying Nancy and creating a complex character. She was never afraid of playing unlikable, and nails those scenes just as much as she can the comedic ones. She truly is a beam of sunshine in this show.

Speaking of sunshine, a weather analogy factored heavily into Andy's story this week. As he fooled around with Jill, Scott, her estranged husband, returned to visit the kids and spread his newfound zen energy (and cookie dough bars) with his family. He notes how when the sky is gray, it's not the sky, it's the clouds. The sky is blue the whole time, you just can't see it until the clouds pass. This is a lovely thought and gives me hope for the Botwins as the series comes to a close, as maybe they can find a way to break through all those clouds (like a beam of sunshine) and have nothin' but blue skies from here on out.

Andy made a big step as he barged in on Jill's dinner with Scott. He was clued in by the twins' pre-emptive packing, as they told him whenever mom and dad have dinner, they reconnect. This is a great scene that shows how in-tune children are with their parents; often, kids know their parents better than the parents know themselves. Silas and Shane have spoken more truths of Nancy than she ever has. So jealous Andy distracts Jill from Scott's plea to screw in the bathroom of a chinese restaurant. "this is more than just sex", he tells her. Again, is he changing, or is his love for Nancy just transferring over to her sister? 

Doug definitely hasn't changed, as he bought into the "tri-kini" product that will problem spell bad things for him down the line. Silas didn't have much to do other than spank his agent in some S&M, 50 Shades of Hunter Parrish's Hair business. Shane managed to track down the shooter, Tim Scottson, after noting how 85% of all male juvenile offenders come from fatherless homes. This is the true test of whether people can change- will he bring Tim to justice using handcuffs or a croquet mallet?

Grade: B+
MVP: Mary-Louise Parker
Original Air-date: 7/8/12

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