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TV Review: Big Brother 15: "Week Nine"

DA- Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it is Glee star Matthew Morrison in the audience! What was Mr. Schuester doing in the studio audience for a reality show on CBS? I try to piece it all together in another crazy week of Big Brother!

We begin this week right off where we did last week. After the houseguests and jurors are done being pelted by baseballs, we have a new HOH and a returning juror! But before I announce who won what, let’s look at some strange moments from an odd HOH challenge. First, what was the point of the dancing mascots that ran across and then quickly left? Secondly, I’m glad Jessie got to show Amanda she is not scared of her. As soon as she was eliminated and as she runs out with her back to her she yells how she hates her. Yeah that will show her! Finally, Elissa’s recoveries would not have worked on Survivor. She was hanging off of the ball holder, sitting on the platform, and probably doing downward dog on Nick’s hat that GinaMarie has on her 24/7. Despite all these close calls Elissa wins the HOH key and the world gets to see J-U-double D re-enter the Big Brother house with his famous bear shirt.

Despite a clear power couple controlling the game it looks like Elissa’s biggest target is Aaryn. While she is a beast in challenges it seems like this is more of a personal move than a game move. For me it is clear when she tells her during the nomination ceremony that Aaryn has made her life terrible so now she will know how she felt.

This week it looks like Judd is ready to make amends and give everyone a clean slate including Elissa, who he thinks was working with Helen to get him out. But Judd does not want to stay clean for long. A day later he is ready to get his hands dirty with a backdoor. Not to mention a few days after that he teams up with GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer (leaving Elissa on the outs) but we will get to that.

Sorry Judd but the person I was most excited to see return to the Big Brother house this week was not Mr. Party Daugherty it was the Zingbot! This year we got some good ones after Elissa first tries a terrible zing herself to the insulting robot. Hey Elissa, let’s leave the zings to the professionals shall we? To sum up McCrae always wear shorts because Amanda wears the pants in the relationship and Andy is like a ghost because of how much of a floater he is (which actually scares Andy into possibly shaking up his game now). GinaMarie meanwhile is on the table slapping it like she has never heard of comedy before. Man, she is going to die once she sees an episode of Two and a Half Men! Her zing involves comparing her “relationship” with Nick to Fatal Attraction. But don’t worry, GinaMarie assures us she would never harm Nick unless he was married. He isn’t married but I am not sure he is staying completely free this summer.

Before the veto competition Elissa realizes how she wants to get Amanda out this week because she is a bigger threat. As long as she doesn’t choose Amanda’s name from the- yep she chooses Amanda’s name to compete in the veto competition. But she never wins a competition so we should be good, right?

For this week’s veto it is Baby Zingbot’s first birthday so they have to roll a ball back and forth to reach 250 power units. If the ball falls they start back at zero. 250 power units? Whatever happened to kids wanting candy and slinkys? Why does the veto involve getting power units for a robot’s birthday? Probably the same reason why a beaver is crying over love letters?

As luck would have it Amanda wins! Elissa for some reason tries to joke around saying they threw it, which sparks a forest fire inside the Big Brother house. Amanda calls her “bitchy” and says how Rachel would be so proud that she wasted her HOH. She then proceeds to call her “trash” at the veto ceremony and how next week she will be out of the HOH room and back with the “scum” downstairs. It looks like we know who is going to win fan favorite don’t we? Amanda, if GinaMarie even thinks you are a “crazy bitch” settle down!

But unfortunately Amanda is not reading this and keeps going. She starts picking on her face and becomes angry that she (excuse her language) looks like “the bully when this bitch ass, Joker faced, motherf-cker walks around like she's Queen Sheba.” Please reread that sentence to understand the irony spewing out of it with every word. While Amanda has said some terrible things Elissa is not a perfect angel. Even though we have not see it on the show some live feed watchers have claimed that Elissa fired back and called her out for having an abortion and not a miscarriage (as she claims) to be on Big Brother this season. Either way congrats Big Brother Casting! You have found the most vial and disgusting houseguests ever in reality television.

Because CBS does not want to show any more hurtful events in the house, we are treated to two packages this week where Dan Gheesling plugs his web show tells us his thoughts on the game and how three Big Brother showmances are doing in the real world. However, the big event of the live eviction night made Twitter buzz for days!

As it turns out Twitter was going nuts over the dirty bedroom and after ten weeks of not getting a question (as Spencer points out) he explains the complex situation. Glad that is settled. Who was tweeting in these stupid complaints? Their moms?

No, the real important event of the episode was how Julie was going to handle the eviction of Aaryn and if she would bring up the comments she made earlier in the game. The question is soon answered and Julie reads back some of her comments to the booing and laughs of the Jerry Springer Big Brother audience. Meanwhile Aaryn is struggling to find a response. While I completely agree that what Aaryn said was tasteless, rude, and disgusting, I had a few problems with this segment. For one, many people claimed Aaryn was obviously lying that she could not remember saying these things. Well if these remarks just naturally come out of her, I believe her. How is she going to remember three or four sentences over 70 days? Can you remember something rude you said over two months ago? Next, how much do you want to bet she will be the only one this season to be on trial for her actions? Meanwhile the stuff GinaMarie, Spencer, Amanda, and even Elissa have said will be brushed away because it has been nearly absent on the show. So they get to walk off for the most part Scott-free (with the majority of the American audience) but Aaryn will always be remembered as a racist super villain? Finally, Aaryn now knows something is up. She has no idea how much trouble she may be in and what is going on in the outside world. Now for the next three weeks she is in limbo thinking about what she may or may not have said and what her future outside of the game really is. Now that is a have-not punishment!

In and Out Points:

- How come we did not get to hear Big Brother expert Matthew Morrison’s opinion on the season and the Aaryn controversy? He must be a super fan to attend a taping of this summer reality show!

- Aaryn accidentally drinks nail polisher remover and that is the not most shocking part of that event. Supposedly Helen was in the scene but erased from it completely. While not an important game move this goes to show the power of editing and how unless you subscribe to the live feeds you really don’t know what is going on.

- GinaMarie, Andy, Spencer, and Judd form an alliance and instantly start coming up with names. I feel as though people just like alliances now for the naming aspect. Every day they break and reform alliances just for the fun brainstorming of naming it!

- This week America the East Coast people on the East Coast who do not have Time Warner cable voted for the punishment of the HOH losers. Will they have to wear a bunny outfit or a chicken outfit for 48 hours? Is there an option for who cares? Big Brother either lets America choose the dumbest details or lets them completely change the game by voting people back in the house or choosing someone who can nominate someone themselves. No middle ground!

How do you think Julie handled the interview with Aaryn? Can you believe what the houseguests have said to one another? But first, did you vote for the bunny outfit punishment or the chicken outfit punishment? Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly.

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Dual Redundnacy Turns Two!

On August 30th 2011 in their Ithaca College dorm, David and Mike (along with their audio expert John) recorded the first episode of Dual Redundancy. Since then their television and entertainment podcast has morphed into a web show, ICTV show, and blog. Despite all these changes one thing has stayed the same: their opinions (which are exactly the same)!

To celebrate this special anniversary, all day today on Twitter we will flashback to some of our favorite moments. Head over to our Twitter page or follow along using the hashtag #DualTurnsTwo.

Thank you to everyone who have been with us these last two years. We can't wait to see what year three has in store!

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Podcast Episode 29: "Confessions" of Our Love for Breaking Bad and Guacamole

Every week David and Mike will break down and dissect an episode from the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad.

In this week's episode David and Mike look at the third episode of the final season called "Confessions" which originally aired on August 25th 2013.

Spoilers for anyone not caught up.

To listen to our past episodes you can listen on iTunes or at our YouTube page.

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TV Review: Big Brother 15: "Week Eight"

DA- Don’t start crying my fellow Big Brother beavers! I got your love letters about this drama filled week of Big Brother. Before I explore the logic of a beaver in the Big Brother house crying over lost love letters, we have a lot to cover first.

As we learned at last Thursday’s episode Aaryn won yet another HOH after McCrae, as the gentleman that he is, finally throws it for Amanda to win. GinaMarie tells Spencer that Amanda is ruining not only McCrae’s game but his life too. McCrae while she may be right don’t worry about taking love advice from GinaMarie of all people. You remember what happened with Nick right? This is the same girl who later tells Julie that she was prepared for the blind Have-Not competition because she looks around for Nick’s hat around the house at 3 AM 4 AM for some reason.

Aaryn has her heart set on nominating Spencer and Elissa but Amanda tells Andy right in front of Aaryn that she actually going to nominate Helen and Elissa. Umm… you didn’t win HOH Amanda so stop bossing everyone around and put Aaryn’s HOH basket items back. You got second and according to everyone ever that means you are not the winner!

But Amanda may not even have to pressure Aaryn to put up Elissa and Helen because Elissa may want to go home early. She tells Helen that she does not want to miss her kid’s first day of third grade and spend another day without her yoga mat in the Big Brother house. If she is evicted she is going pass the jury house, not collect $200 and go right home. This causes Helen to break down because if she is not there she loses a vote in the final two. Woah, woah, woah. We are getting a little ahead of ourselves aren’t we Helen? As Helen sobs all over the house about this it does paint Elissa in a bad light. However it does the exact same for Helen. McCrae points out she already assumes she is going straight to the end already, which he finds absurd. Spencer however just says Elissa is having a bad day but others don’t see it that way. “Rachel would be mad” about Elissa’s behavior and now she is an “embarrassment for her household.” The best line? GinaMarie telling Spencer it is not a bad day because she didn’t die or get hit by a bus! Very true GinaMarie! You are right about that!

After the houseguests are trapped in the dark where Amanda gets a giant blow (of air) to the face in a cheap simple Have-Not competition Helen and Elissa are put up on the block by Amanda Aaryn. But Helen isn’t too worried because she has Andy and McCrae to help back her up. Umm… Helen this is a completely fake alliance. You are not a member of 3 AM or any other time-themed alliance in the house.

Now for the classic “Otev” veto-competition. Now excuse me as I try to talk and figure this one out. For some reason Otev is a giant beaver that is crying because he supposedly wrote a bunch of love letters for the houseguests. Why a beaver? What does that have to do with Big Brother? Can a beaver write letters? Why did the beaver write extras for each forcing each contestant to find the same exact one? Is he sending multiple copies out of each one? Why am I trying to find logic in a Big Brother competition? Elissa ends up winning the completely well-reasoned challenge and proves she “is here to stay.” Well a few days ago you were ready to go home over a missing yoga mat so…

Amanda spills the beans to Elissa that it is Helen going home this week and that there is nothing she can do to stop it and if she does it is her leaving instead. Elissa tries to secretly come clean to Helen by giving hints, as she literally cleans the bathroom, about Amanda’s plan. However Amanda may have counted her McChickens (see what I did there) before they hatched.

Aaryn comes clean about the wine incident in week one and they all joke around about this event so far in the past. As Amanda says what she did, Aaryn is put off by how “rude and bitchy” she was. A fight ensues which leads Aaryn to see how she has been playing Amanda’s game getting Howard out and trying to evict Helen this week. She is ready to plan her own game.

However all this was for nothing as Spencer is put on the block replacing Elissa as she takes herself off.  Aaryn says she is doing this because she is being forced into a corner. While she may not playing her own game by doing this she is keeping her hands pretty clean. She has won four HOHs and a veto already yet she is hardly a target from week to week!

Before Helen packs up her bags to leave, she has a few more moves to try. She tries pressuring Andy to vote for her to stay and if he doesn’t and “sides” with McCranda instead then Elissa, GinaMarie, and Aaryn all have him as a target next week. While Helen is working her magic inside the Big Brother house, at the jury house Candice, Judd, and Jessie are getting ready to possibly reenter the house themselves. For the record I am angry that Big Brother did not sequester them individually and not allow them to conspire with each other like this. In the end though there is no use crying like a giant Big Brother beaver about it.

As Andy sits there speechless that Helen (the person he just backstabbed) could re-enter the house, the doorbell rings and they all emerge to compete in one giant HOH challenge. Playing alongside the houseguests the jury members are also competing for their right to re-enter the Big Brother house. Houseguests have to stand on a ledge catching ten balls as they are sprayed with hoses. While I question how these balls are equally reaching the houseguests at the same height, who may be throwing them, and at what various speeds they are reaching the players I’ll have to wait until next week to find out these big questions. As for the questions that actually matter like who will take the HOH crown and which juror will re-enter the house only time will tell!

In and Out Points:

While there has been some terrible opening lines this season the editors have used some great footage at the end during the credits. Between the absurd idea of David playing chess, GinaMarie crumping and Spencer playing chess alone they are finding some great b-roll!

This whole three nominations and MVP twist was supposed to eliminate floaters this season but it looks like it only made more. Maybe the houseguests are too scared to make big moves against someone America loves or make big moves in the house to stand out among the players and become one of three nominees. Either way it looks like it was not that well thought out!

Helen says to Andy that America is watching so he needs to align with the good people and get out the bad. Who is she to assume she is a member of the good? While she is right, the other people on her side are certainly not great but then again nobody is!

Jessie tells Candice and Judd she went out guns blazing. Jessie, from what we saw it was more like a water pistol.

And the winner for the worst time to mute during a live broadcast? When Julie explains the HOH competition and says “there is ______ in the sprinkler system.” Much like where did Clownie run off to, the world may never know.

Who do you think will win the HOH competition and who will re-enter the house? Are you hoping Helen can make a quick turn around and rejoin the game? But first, what item are you searching around your house for at 4 AM in the dark? Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly!

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Movie News: Affleck is Batman Now.

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DA- Attention Gotham City. You have a new dark knight! It looks like director/writer/producer/actor Ben Affleck has sold the Daredevil suit and is ready to be the hero we deserve but not the one we needs as the latest Batman crusader!

Warner Bros. announced hours ago that Affleck will star alongside Henry "Superman" Cavill in the Man of Steel sequel they may pit these two legendary heros against each other. Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel, 300, and Watchmen among others, will be returning to direct this still untitled sequel.

While Affleck's Bruce Wayne will be "an entirely new incarnation of the character" fans should not worry. I am sure that this embodiment will be the same hero we have loved in the thousands of comic books, movies, television programs, video games, and action figures. do you like them apples? Is Affleck a good choice to take on the character? Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly.

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Podcast Episode 28: "Buried" Under Another (Breaking) Bad Podcast

Every week David and Mike will break down and dissect an episode from the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad.

In this week's episode David and Mike look at the second episode of the final season called "Buried" which originally aired on August 18th 2013.

Spoilers for anyone not caught up.


To listen to our first episode where we discuss "Blood Money" click here.

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DR Rewind: Advertising 101 with Professor Scott Hamula

For the next few weeks as our YouTube page catches up with all the great episodes and interviews we have done we will rewind and share some of our favorite Dual Redundancy moments.

When Dual Redundancy became an Ithaca College Television show in early 2012 we did various interviews with some of the Ithaca College faculty. In our first episode we sat down with Professor Scott Hamula and interviewed him about advertising, product placement, and Super Bowl commercials. While the commercials may be old the information is timeless. Below is the interview segment for you to enjoy:

To learn more about ICTV you can visit their homepage by clicking here and you can also watch the full episode this interview is from here.

TV Review: Big Brother 15: "Week Seven"

DA- Boy do we have a lot to cover. Even though there has been a lack of shake-ups or power shifts this season, there is still a lot of drama inside the Big Brother house. Much like the season and the lack of explosions we have seen this drama is often drama for just the sake of it. What do I mean? Read on…

We have to go all the way back to when Candice was voted out last week to see how GinaMarie was somehow even more rude then we thought she was. While I thought it could not get any worse than saying to someone who was adopted “at least my mom likes me” GinaMarie tops herself by saying Candice’s mom “doesn’t even want her.” Candice on the other hand does not get off Scott-free. She does take a crack at GinaMarie’s color contacts, how she still lives with her parents, and her eating disorder. While Candice leaves, the house is stuck with GinaMarie and Aaryn is worried that GinaMarie’s actions will hurt her game and make her look bad. Oh, honey!

On a much sadder note it was painful to see Judd pleading for his safety during the deleted scenes from last week’s double eviction episode. What’s even sadder? He left because people thought he was the stupid MVP. It is just another stupid twist ruining the game for somebody else. I would link to an example but where do I begin? Eric Stein being forced to do America’s actions as America’s player and thus not being able to play his own game? Big Brother 13’s Pandora’s box which reinstated the duos twist for just the week that the HoH was targeting production favorites’ Rachel and Jordan? The list goes on and on.

But we have to move on and it is time to see some action. Andy is ready. He would love to “win so people know [he] is here to play.” Hey week seven is a perfect time as any to start. Andy is true to his word and wins a HOH competition where the goal is to land a cherry ball into a very small container at the end of a moveable banana board. While everyone loves that Andy has won because he is friends with everybody (which was perfectly shown by an edited package of diary room confessions) this could be disastrous for future weeks. Now Andy has to actually choose a side instead of playing both of them unless he takes the easy way out and just puts up someone like Jessie up. This is Andy after all so I won’t be surprised if he does just that.

 The big drama however is between McCranda, Amancrea, or whatever everyone is calling McCrae and Amanda. During the competition Amanda has a diary room confession saying how she hopes McCrae lets her win or they are banana-splitting up. That’s funny. Too bad you can’t laugh at your joke when he actually doesn’t let you win. She cries and complains that Jeff threw it for Jordan and Brendon threw it for Rachel! McCrae however did not want people to think he was being controlled. Shut up Amanda! Not only does whining make you look terrible but if McCrae wants to win HOH and get all the blood on his hands (leaving you without getting anyone mad) let him! But Amanda hopes this outburst doesn’t “draw attention” to her. Did Big Brother just cast at an elementary school this year? In the end Amanda can dry her tears because it is Spencer and Jessie on the block this week.

For some reason everyone wants Jessie out instead of a real threat like the two power couples (Helen/Elissa and McCrae/Amanda). Every week the “big threat” is someone like Candice, Judd, or Jessie. Am I missing something here? How about Aaryn who keeps winning challenges? But hey what do I know!

Speaking of Aaryn she made a positive game move this week by attaching herself to Andy, Amanda, and McCrae in the new alliance “3 A.M.” which is way better and easier to say than the long original idea of “Three A’s and the McCrae.” To stop Helen from possibly putting Amanda and McCrae up at the same time they come up with a great idea to make a fake alliance with her. This threesome of Andy, McCrae, and Helen is easily sold and not because of Andy’s poker face (or lack there of).

Helen unfortunately buys it but to make sure the sale doesn’t get returned they all decide to throw the veto competition so Helen wins. Even though she could easily change the nominations and put Amanda up they are hoping this bargaining chip establishes trust for the group. But how can you throw a competition you don’t even know is coming? Well somehow every contestant figures out the exact type of challenge before it happens. Since it is a counting challenge they all decide to fold so it would only be between Jessie and Helen. However after counting nearly 468 bats in the first round and other random objects Jessie is throwing it too! Helen has racked up two tickets and only needs one more.

Spencer is worried though. He is on the block after all, so for some reason he starts trying in round three and actually eliminates Helen in the process. In the end it is between Andy, Spencer, and Elissa. Well actually Elissa is not even in contention after she folds in the last round, which makes no sense. You only fold if you are not sure of the guess so you can go to the next round and try again. But if it is the last round and everyone is tied you try and guess anyways because you have a 1 in 3 shot to win! Andy wins and even though Spencer gives a convincing argument during the veto ceremony (Andy “you haven’t done anything intelligent all week so why start now?”) both nominees stay on the block.

Jessie is paranoid that she is just being told she is not the real target and she is right. In a last ditch effort she tries to tell how Helen did consider trying to backstab Amanda and asked Jessie to get on board. Helen doesn’t remember saying this but thankfully the editors of Big Brother do and have the clip to prove it! Unfortunately this move does not work for Jessie and she overhears the group discussing how she is going home. Jessie is done with everyone now and that includes Andy so don’t bother trying to comfort her now buddy! He asks what she heard and Jessie (smartly) replies you tell me what you think I heard (just in case there is more to the story she didn’t hear to begin with).

But before Jessie goes home she starts up some of the most confusing drama this season of Big Brother has seen! She tells GinaMarie that Aaryn talks about her all the time. Later GinaMarie tells Aaryn just but since there are no specifics this is not considered rude to her. Aaryn says just by saying that to begin with is completely rude! Thus begins a fight over if saying that someone talks behind someone’s back is rude or not. Keep in mind this is not a fight over what was actually said! GinaMarie wakes everyone up to settle this argument that does not involve anyone else by yelling to everyone that Aaryn is “yelling” at her. Talk about irony!

Despite this new conflict it is still Jessie that goes home in ANOTHER unanimous vote. As soon she exits the door we are treated to an HOH competition where contestants have to buzz in with the answer of what type of competition it was after hearing a poorly made song with lyrics about the event. After some anxious houseguests hitting their button over and over they realize that Big Brother went to all this trouble making the songs and by golly we are going to hear them in their entirety.

After McCrae clearly throws it to Amanda this week, Aaryn wins her third HOH in a row? What’s that Aaryn? I pulled a Julie and did not get my facts right? Your fourth HOH?! Wow and including your veto win that means you have won five competitions this season! How come nobody else sees you as a threat yet Jessie who only won a veto by default and Candice who never won a challenge had to go home sooner?

Next week Julie teases that production is going to intervene and allow a juror to reenter the house by a competition. While this will allow floaters like Judd, Candice, and Jessie to re-enter, I think the person to watch for will be whoever gets evicted this week because if it is a power player like Amanda and Helen, the sparks are going to fly!

In and Out Points:

- Editors, can you please go back to choosing interesting quotes to start the episode with? This used to be my favorite part and now we are treated to a sobbing Andy hugging McCrae, McCrae jumping on to a table, or Andy being attacked by a bird. Give me a good old-fashioned zing!

- While normally Julie likes to update the houseguests on celebrity births, this week Julie asks a hard-hitting question from a complete nobody on Twitter. How come there haven’t been any big moves this season? Oh burn! How much do you want to bet it was one of the producers tweeting this in trying to get the houseguests to actually play the game?

- Why does everyone celebrate after seeing someone they are targeting be eliminated from the veto competition? I understand you are happy but you are trying to trick Jessie that she is safe and is a pawn. Stop smiling and celebrating when she is eliminated! If I was her I would glance at the audience during the competition to see people’s real reactions so I knew my accurate fate.

- There is a mini-controversy over Amanda and Aaryn’s use of adderall in the house. While it is supposedly used for their ADHD many see this mini-version of speed an advantage in the challenges. Even though Amanda has not won a competition this season, Aaryn is dominating the field. But who are the two people most upset about this? Amanda and Aaryn. Both think the other is faking and doesn’t need it like they themselves actually do. Ahh, this is the drama we expect don’t we?

Who do you want to see re-enter the house? Who do you think Aaryn will nominate for eviction? But first, are you like Spencer and feel like a candy bar at a fat camp with everyone around licking their lips? Let me know in the comments below or @eastwoodmcfly!

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TV Review: Whodunnit? 108: "Frost Nixin"

DA- Now I have a new theory. No not about who the killer is but something even more important. Whodunnit? is…Breaking Bad! Don’t believe me? What does Breaking Bad and Whodunnit? have in common? Both air Sunday nights at 9 PM. Neither has won an Emmy for outstanding series in their perspective categories. Both deal with death on a weekly basis. But the most important piece of evidence both of these television programs include something that starts with a “rice” and ends with “-icn.” Icing? Interesting transition to…

Ronnie who was catapulted out of the hot tub to the pool, which somehow has ice chunks scattered around him. Exactly how did Ronnie end up floating in a pool? No, it has nothing to do with a trained monkey this week. To figure it all out this week four rooms are involved in the investigation but with exactly four investigators how we will decide who goes where? Let’s stab some blocks of ice in a challenge that clearly favors strength and power. Unsurprisingly the sole male contestant Kam wins and gets to head the mystery room (which is the attic) as well as spend three minutes in a room of his choosing (which turns out to be the last known whereabouts).

The other three contestants now have to choose where they will go but they all must go to a different room. Kam’s team asks Melina, who is all by herself, which room she wants and she chooses the last known whereabouts. Instantly Lindsey also wants that room but Melina does not want to budge. Kam says she has to and just because she said it louder than Lindsey doesn’t mean it is all her choice. Actually Kam I saw the whole thing you asked what she wanted and she decided so boo-hoo for you!

Giles settles any disagreement as any good butler would by providing three envelopes to the three girls. As luck would have it sends Lindsey to the last known whereabouts anyways. Melina gets to visit the morgue as Cris examines the crime scene. After Cris is confused by how the drink next to a hot tub could freeze, she wishes she picked the morgue but Melina “screwed” her out of that! Wait! What? Am I missing something here?

As for Kam’s advantage, in my opinion, it was actually a disadvantage. Sure he got to see Ronnie doze off and then explode from the hot tub to the pool on some surveillance footage but so what? This could have been figured out later. To top it off because he got this room he only had three minutes to explore another room making it hard to find any details in any one room alone.

After everyone left their respective areas, Melina requests their help and asks them if they are ready to play the game now and not be cowards to pick on the lone ranger. Kam does have to remind her that at one point this 3-1 split was a 6-3 split with him the minority against her! However in a perfect bluff Melina does not even need their info anyways after she accurately guesses out of nowhere very specific and detailed information about each of their rooms. Hmm…I wonder how she knows that unless she was in each room… planning to kill Ronnie!

Next it was time for the riddle and this week it looked like they wanted to make a huge mess for the production assistants and interns to clean up. First, let’s blow up a giant vat of ping-pong balls that will make them go everywhere outside. These balls then lead them to the kitchen where they have to search through a giant barrel of beans. Beans are going everywhere! Good luck getting them from behind the fridge! Inside the bean barrel is a word search that would lead them to the next location. While Melina wants to completely solve the word search before she searches any room, everyone else decides to do one at a time because this is a speed round after all. Finally, we make it to the pool equipment where Kam finds that liquid nitrogen was used in the hot tub to help propel Ronnie high into the air.

But like the audience the contestants do not have every single detail about how exactly Ronnie died. In the end it was a long, long process. The killer saw that Ronnie went to the library to write a letter to Giles “spilling the beans” about who the killer is. See what I did there? You know with the riddle round and the spilling of literal beans? Now I am confused. How does the guy who had the least amount of information last week and thought a trained monkey was involved, all of the sudden know who the killer is? Umm…don’t ask me!

Anyways, the killer decides to send a maid to deliver a tea set with powdered cream spiked with ricin, which as we all know thanks to Breaking Bad is extremely toxic. Why does someone choose to put powder cream in their tea when most people use it in coffee? Umm…again, don’t ask me!

Ronnie then brought his tea to the hot tub, which would be filled with liquid nitrogen when the timer went off. Somehow the heated water magnified the effects of the ricin, which again because of the science I learned from Breaking Bad normally takes three days to work. When the timer goes off the liquid nitrogen reacts and blasts Ronnie’s hot body (due to the ricin) into the pool, which also freezes him at the same time. Man! How come the killer never just shoots anyone and calls it a day?

After Melina and Lindsey are “scared” this is where the episode gets even more unusual then normal. The next day Lindsey sneaks up on the group laughing and giggling as though she was drunk. I was almost sure that it was Lindsey under some sort of gas making her act loopy and that her time was dwindling. However, they all are treated instead to a limo ride and are given gifts which Lindsey thinks is a bomb. Hey Lindsey, if the killer is one of the four and gave you a bomb all of you would die and thus the show would be over for not only the audience but also the killer. A better guess would be if the box had a trained monkey inside. Sorry Ronnie, I’m not letting this go.

Next thing we know the limo does a crazy U-turn and heads back to the house. Who is even driving the limo? Giles? Nope! He is now being held hostage in a scheme that looks right out of a comic book! Out of nowhere fog overtakes the room and Melina is gone! Is she dead? Is she the killer and is fleeing? Are those dancing zombies of previous contestants that are coming back? WHAT IS GOING ON? For a fun and cheesy summer reality show that is pretty crazy cliffhanger you just gave us. Who do you think you are…Breaking Bad?!

In and Out Points:

- When Lindsey is looking at the fake ricin in the last known whereabouts, was she told she could not try it by production? Sure while it is not actually ricin many detectives would often try a taste of substances they find to see what they are working with. What would happen if in the scope of the show she did take a lick?

- Melina is eavesdropping on Kam’s team after he solves the riddle. Originally I thought this was production’s way of allowing her to survive the week (because I think she is the killer and the killer can’t be killed). This way it could be argued her score with Lindsey was close to the same so for the audience it would not be a huge shock if Melina survived over Lindsey this week. But then production threw us a curve ball anyways so why am I even looking into this theory…

- Giles points out that Cris has never been “scared.” I think this was a way to raise suspicion that she is the possible killer to the audience but I don’t buy it. I think this is a classic misdirect to take the attention off of the other contestants who actually have been “scared.” If I was the killer I would “scare” myself to help take the target off of myself!

- There is some more evidence online that is leading to Melina as the killer. While this could just be a weird happenstance and not an actual clue, look at this. Most criminals and killers wear masks and which one of the four has a type of “mask” on? Conspiracy theory!!

So who is the killer? Who is going to take the golden knife or whatever the Whodunnit? winner receives along with the quarter of a million dollars? But most importantly, why is the prize money for a show about stopping a serial killer less than the prize for a show about mean people sitting around in a house for 100 days? Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Podcast Episode 27: A (Breaking) Bad Podcast Premiere

Every week David and Mike will break down and dissect an episode from the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad.

In this week's episode David and Mike look at the final season premiere titled "Blood Money" which originally aired on August 11th 2013.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Music News: Katy Perry Stole a Song and She Liked It

DA- Attention Katy Perry fans! Two days before “Roar” (her first single from her upcoming album “Prism”) was supposed to premiere the song has leaked early thanks to a possible “mistake” on the Internet.

However, many people could argue they heard “Roar” way before today. No, not from stealing Doc Brown’s time machine and traveling ahead in time but from already hearing Sara Bareilles’ lead single “Brave” which premiered back on April 23rd. Listen below and judge for yourself.

In a case similar to the “Born This Way”/”Express Yourself” controversy of 2011, these songs sound pretty identical. Now perhaps Katy Perry made an honest mistake and somehow never heard of Bareilles’ song. I mean she must have been pretty busy working on said album during the song’s rise to #11 on Billboard’s chart of adult pop songs and #61 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Oh wait…
Photo courtesy of Oh No They Didn't!

Yeah. This isn’t good. Maybe Perry is simply “sampling” Bareilles and has her and everyone who worked on “Brave” on board. While no comment has been made yet it will be interesting to see how Team Perry plays this one out. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 9, 2013

TV Review: Big Brother 15: "Week Six"

DA- OMG BBVX this weeks been crazy!!! We both have like two weeks of BB in one. that’s like double the game in what normally would have like one week’s time. you know what I mean?!

Okay, I can’t do this anymore. I was going to write this entire post in the style of GinaMarie’s amazing work of literature but not even Nick would read past those few sentences. However, GinaMarie is right. We do have a lot to cover so without further ado…

When we last left our “friends” they were on top of a giant log working for the coveted HOH. After some weird bargaining between McCrae and GinaMarie that included three nights in the HOH bed (we know why you want that McCrae), both choosing a nominee or even choosing both, GinaMarie and her will to receive hair dye helped her prevail to victory! But the other houseguests did not go home empty handed. Helen gets to throw a BBQ for three friends, which surprisingly includes Aaryn, Candice receives $5000, and Spencer must speak through a bullhorn at all times. This way we can hear his inappropriate jokes much more easily.

After Jessie’s hissy fit over not being able to go to the BBQ and Andy spilling the beans and ruining yet another plan, we get a great fight between Amanda and Jessie. It all started after Jessie told Andy in confidence about wanting to get Amanda out instead of Howard last week. McCrae defends Andy and says he did not tell anyone but obviously he did if they are having this discussion. But Amanda does not care because she sees Jessie as just an attention seeker. Ultimately Jessie is the one to point out Amanda is the one walking around in her underwear!

Much like her HOH blog, GinaMarie’s nomination ceremony is a series of words with no real connection or reason why they are being emitted from her brain. This makes many of the houseguests laugh. In the end we can figure out that she nominated Jessie and Candice, at least I think that is what she said.

Amanda is put up again as America’s MVP vote and she does not believe America could ever be MVP because she is making it her mission to get the mean people out. Ironically Spencer says maybe she is doing things people do not like in which makes Amanda retort, “what am I doing people don’t like?” To make things even worse for Amanda after she asks McCrae to come and sit with her and he says no, she runs away to be alone under the covers in bed. Why did she ask him to move? Because Jessie came in and sat next to him. How is it that a 23-year-old pizza boy is more mature than a 28-year-old real estate agent?

But before she enters a downward spiral and starts worshipping McCrae’s bandana √† la GinaMarie with Nick’s hat, it is time to the veto competition. This week we are throwing frogs in a pond for a challenge that looks like it was filmed in Judd’s backyard. Jessie winning the veto in this classic Yankee swap challenge is not even the big takeaway of the event. Candice, who tries whispering to Judd that they think he is the MVP, begins to be attacked by Amanda who tells her to shut her mouth. The tension escalates and includes Amanda calling her “Shaniqua” and asking “am I racist now?” Candice tries ignoring it but as soon as she says a word over Amanda’s taunts Amanda asks why she is still talking to her? Is it possible to send Amanda back to high school?

Even though Judd wins the competition he opts for the $5000 instead of the veto, which Jessie ultimately wins. Meanwhile GinaMarie gets a cone of shame, Spencer wins a trip to the Bahamas, and Amanda has to get a spray tan every few hours (much to the probable displeasure of GinaMarie who would see this punishment as a great reward).

After Jessie takes herself off the block Spencer is put on but nobody seems worried. Each houseguest thinks the other two are bigger threats. But come Thursday night it is clear it is Candice who has the biggest target on her “clownitard” back. Despite one last-ditch effort by Jessie that involves getting rid of Amanda, which includes Judd finally getting his kiss from her, unfortunately it is Candice’s turn to return home.

But before Candice is voted out in a unanimous vote, a verbal fight breaks out between GinaMarie and Candice, which continues as she walks out the door. Candice as she leaves tells GinaMarie to go back home to live with her mom. GinaMarie’s comeback? “At least my mom likes me unlike yours.” As fellow reader Dan B. pointed out this is a stab at Candice for being adopted. How is it nearly 90% of the house this season is filled with some of the meanest people found in this country? This is a game show for crying out loud!

While normally this would be it for this week due to the double eviction we were treated to an entire week in one night. Immediately after Candice’s eviction the houseguests are put to the test about their knowledge of events in the house. Thankfully unlike the conveyor belt challenge of week two, production showed us pictures to at least allow some viewers to play at home. After Julie’s antsy comments about the houseguests flip-flopping their answers, Aaryn wins the HOH title for the third time this season.

Aaryn, who only had a few moments and a commercial break to make up her mind, ends up choosing Spencer and Jessie. Before we can process why the veto competition is off and running. In this competition houseguests have to put certain shaped nails in holes around a veto diagram. Out of nowhere Aaryn takes yet another competition. Surprisingly she takes Jessie off and puts Judd up.

No! Not Judd. Sure he is not the smartest player or even a good player but at least he is somebody people can like. This season every single week I am left with less and less people that I can actually stand to watch. Please don’t get backdoored!

Aaryn tells the house she has no choice with this decision and all but two wanted this. If she didn’t do this she would be going home. While this seems like a cop out this may be a smart move. At the end of the day she is not getting any blood on her hands. However, in the end she may not be able to take credit for these big moves if she is just a puppet with other people’s hands up her…well you know.

As they all vote many start crying and saying how they do not want to vote Judd out. Hmm, here is an idea. If you don’t want him to leave…don’t vote him out! While we are not seeing it this week (we will probably see more footage during next Sunday’s broadcast) Amanda probably wanted Judd to go thinking he was the MVP putting her up. Turns out America just ruined the game for another houseguest due to another stupid twist.

Speaking of twists, Julie announces the MVP twist is over (hallelujah!) but that the jury may still be involved in the rest of the game. First off, I did not like Julie telling the houseguests before both votes that the jury is going to be starting early (it may change some last minute votes or decisions). On Survivor host Jeff Probst surprises the houseguests by announcing the jury starting as he reads the last deciding vote. Secondly, what could this jury influence be? At first I thought maybe the latest person voted out chooses the third nominee. Now I believe a houseguest is coming back in to the house. Even though this season is already long and much larger than normal seasons, there are clues that the jury may be staying sequestered to come back. First, Julie is not able to update the evicted houseguests on the game or any twists. Also podcasters and reporters like Rob Cesternino are not even allowed to ask any even written questions to anybody voted out after this point. What power will the jury have? As usual we need to expect the unexpected…

In and Out Points:

- GinaMarie kisses Nick’s photo on the wall after her HOH win. She also prominently displays his blue hat during the live eviction and cherishes her new picture of both of them she received when she won HOH. Nick, I would be very worried the second your friend exits this house. Know any good lawyers/security guards/witness protection programs?

- Judd unfortunately goes home without any of his stuff from the house. What’s the bright side? He is at least wearing his prized grizzly bear shirt, which every single houseguest has worn this season. Can you imagine if that was left inside the house with these crazy girls? Jessie may even join GinaMarie with her shrine!

After two crazy weeks in one I am off to a relaxing BBQ (if I am invited to one that is)! Are you said to see either Candice or Judd to go home? Did you see Judd’s backdoor coming? But first, what would you rather have? The cone of shame, a fifty shades of orange spray tan, or the clownitard? I know it is tempting but you can only get one. Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

TV Review: Whodunnit? 107: "Party Crasher"

DA- I hope I am not crashing your party tonight with my weekly Whodunnit? review but there has been another murder in Rue Manor and I need a trained monkey you to help me solve how exactly Geno got crushed by a chandelier. Before you say Geno was simply crushed by a chandelier stop monkeying around and let’s get started!

Even though I could have sworn last week that it was bright and right after dinner when they previewed Geno’s death it seems like this week it takes place precisely at midnight. Because nobody works well in the middle of the night (except for whoever just killed poor Geno) Giles tells everyone to go to sleep to rest up for the most complicated investigation yet.

The next morning Giles has them choose where they want to explore this week and he wants them to hurry and pick so he can rest. Hey, you just woke up! If you were actually doing your job instead of sleeping or tanning for the entire episode maybe you could be stopping every single one of your houseguests from dying!

As Ronnie focuses on the dance floor and belittles Kam for taking the time to search around the room (and finding a timer), Melina and Cris are in the morgue answering cell phones found inside Geno’s pants. Man is Giles mad that his cell phone was missing. After he yells at both of them for finding the phone, Cris and Melina tell them they found it in Geno’s pocket in the morgue. This leads Giles to ask “my phone is in Geno’s pocket in the morgue?” Yes! Talk about being redundant! (You see what I did there?) Maybe you should go and rest up Giles…

Before Giles can go back to sunbathing he leads the blindfolded investigators to a pitch-black room where they must find a clue after they find the night vision goggles of course. Ronnie is the first to make it to the morgue to start rearranging a bees beads puzzle with Cris, Lindsey, and Kam hot on his tail. (Meanwhile Melina is literally and figuratively in the dark). They all end up in the morgue and when Melina begins to help Ronnie with his beads and sees Kam trying to look on, she is not happy.  “Be a man and get your own beads!” Umm…Melina I don’t want to sound mean but maybe you should take your own advice and get your own too.

Despite Ronnie’s early lead Kam solves the riddle first, which involved locating a pair of monkey statues after the beads spelt out “hear no evil.” Between this and an earlier clue saying “monkey see, monkey do” Ronnie is lead to believe a trained monkey not only dropped the chandelier but used the gun to shoot Geno in the belly. And that ladies and gentlemen is a certified bounty hunter working alongside us everyday. This guy has been a detective for 17 years and he thinks a trained monkey is working with the killer this week based on the saying “monkey see, monkey do.” Speaking of this is it also weird that an attorney, ex-homicide detective, and a television crime reporter have also failed to piece together a fake crime on a network summer television show. These people are solving our nation’s crimes in real life. Yikes!

This week Lindsey, who got to hear what happened in the other two rooms and was the only one to visit the last known whereabouts, had the best theory. She figured out that the killer had two plans. First, the killer was going to strangle Geno with a nutshell lei that had fluorescent green paint on it. But when Geno decided not to wear it, he/she had to go to plan B. When the lights went out with the timer at midnight, the killer put on the night vision goggles and shot Geno in his stomach. With the help of the illuminated crest on the floor he/she dragged the body to the center and dropped the chandelier on him before hiding the goggles in the drawer. Somehow this was all accomplished in the fraction of the second when the lights went out.

Since they did not have any information from the riddle and because Ronnie thought it was a monkey (I’m not going to let this go), both him and Melina were “scared” this week. Before Ronnie heads to bed he checks the room for bobby traps. Yeah, good luck buddy! Meanwhile Melina starts crying and wants a hug. How old is Melina? It’s just a game here guys! Don’t go all bananas or anything!

Both end up making it to morning and to celebrate it’s a spa day! Everyone gets a fun relaxing spa activity except for Kris, who has to do yoga (which believe me is more work then play). While I thought Melina was going to suffer from some sort of asphyxiation like the secretary in Goldfinger thanks to her facial, it was Ronnie who dies after some sort of exploding hot tub. Now how exactly did this happen? Is the hot tub a time machine? Were there any monkeys involved? All these questions will be answered next week on Whodunnit?

In and Out Points:

- Kris knows how to shoot a gun because her father was a cop and taught her at a young age how to handle it because she may find guns just lying around I guess. I am not telling Kris’ dad how to raise his kids but perhaps you may want to invest in a gun cabinet and a good lock. But hey that’s just me!

- Why did the killer choose Geno? He/she asked him to steal Giles’ cell phone and in return he will be safe. So he does and this “dishonesty” is another reason why he must go? Wait, what? First off you already planned on killing him and secondly you told him in order not to die he must do what you asked. If I was the killer I would be angrier if he didn’t follow my orders. Besides why are you looking for a motive now anyways? You never needed one before.

- Kris at the end is the only one unsupervised at the spa day (except for the now eliminated Ronnie). While she does yoga alone the other houseguests had people tending to them like Kam with his massage and others with the pedicures. This would make it pretty easy to sneak out for a little hot tub fun…

- If Melina survives next week and she does not solve the riddle it could mean she is the killer. This week she was “scared” after only getting to hear what happened in two rooms and next week she is only going to get one third of the story while Kam’s team may get 100% (provided they all work together). If she does survive with only 33% of the story while others die with even more information it is safe to say she is the mastermind behind this whole season. Yes you heard me right. I am talking about Melina!

With only two weeks left who do you think is the killer? Did Ronnie deserve to die? Most importantly if there was not a trained monkey, who has been eating all my bananas? Let me know in the comments below or @eastwoodmcfly!

TV News: Glover Graduates from “Community” College; Heads to “Atlanta”

DA- Donald Glover/Childish Gambino/James Franco 2.0 is leaving NBC’s Community this season and is off to create his own show for FX. News circulated last month that despite showrunner and creator Dan Harmon returning to the cult-comedy, Glover reduced his role to five of the show’s thirteen episodes. Reportedly this was done to focus on his music career as hip-hop artist Childish Gambino.

Even though Glover is headed back to television, this reasoning is still true. Atlanta, the tentative title to Glover’s new FX venture, will focus on the music scene in, you guessed it, Atlanta, Georgia. While Deadline reports that other networks were interested in the show, FX was able to accommodate his busy touring schedule. Glover will end up pulling a Lena Dunham for the show and will star, write, and executive produce the series.

Writing will not be new to the entertainment wunderkind. Before starring in Community Glover was writing for the Emmy award-winning 30 Rock from his NYU dorm room. While there is no premiere date set for the new series, Glover can be currently seen on the big screen in the raunchy comedy The To-Do List. Before season five of Community begins the ratings-challenged yet critics’ darling will enter syndication on Comedy Central on September 15th with a ten-episode marathon.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

TV Review: Big Brother 15: "Week Five"

DA- Before you choke on your own saliva or have your chest pop out and die, don’t worry! Your weekly Big Brother recaps are back! Finally, after weeks trapped inside of the Big Brother have-not room eating slop and having to press a button every nine minutes, I have escaped to make sure you know everything that has been going on.

To rewind what we missed Helen and Judd win HOH and end up getting Jeremy and Kaitlin out of the house during their respective weeks. GinaMarie kept crying over Nick, McCrae is delivering “more pizzas” to Amanda, Andy is completely invisible, and the houseguests are still racist. Yada, yada, yada.

However, the biggest shocker of the last few weeks was when America became the MVP. Somehow after three weeks of Elissa winning fan favorite she became the person America wanted on the block! While it is hard to exactly nail down how or why, here is my theory. The majority of America’s vote was for Aaryn. However, since she was nominated the votes went to the next highest houseguest. An educated guess would mean someone in Aaryn’s group like Kaitlin and GinaMarie but since Kaitlin was already on the block the vote must go to the third highest vote. Now this is where it gets interesting. While some believe this small vote could be Elissa haters it very well could be Elissa supporters who were confused by how that week’s MVP twist was going to work. Perhaps when it was announced on the east coast and voting opened, Elissa fans jumped to the polls like they do every week to vote. We are people of habit and sometimes habits can lead to disastrous results after too much of a good thing. Wow! Talk about getting deep.

But now since that is covered let’s jump to week five! In true Big Brother fashion the person that needed to win HOH wins all the power (with a perfect score mind you). However, it will not be a free ride for Aaryn. The only reason she got off of the block was a promise to Helen that if she won she would let her choose the nominees. I bet Aaryn did not bet that would happen! But before we can see if she will keep her word we are treated to some network product placement a have-not competition based on the memory powers of Detective Carrie Wells on CBS’ Unforgettable (airing Sunday nights at 9 only on CBS!)

At first when I heard the siren to cue this challenge I thought we were going to get some Zingbot 3000 action but since we did not I am going to skip the challenge and do some zingers of my own. Andy is excited to see Poppy Montgomery introduce the challenge on the screen because he knows her “because she is on TV and is a ginger.” That’s it? Not very Unforgettable! ZING! Judd using the clich√© “Female Body Inspector” FBI line during the competition? Yeah, sure Judd. Tell me about Jessie’s body then…oh wait! ZING!

After Howard and Spencer are put on the block, Howard decides to call a house meeting. While I was hoping for a “Dan’s funeral” I instead got someone burying his own grave. By talking in circles and looking directly at the people he is talking to (like a normal person should do) he scares most of the house that he is coming after them. Meanwhile Howard has no idea since he tells the diary room that the message has been delivered and received! Howard, you may want to check to see if they receive the right package then.

After Amanda is chosen as this week’s MVP by America (probably because Aaryn is HOH and Amanda has not been so innocent herself) McCrae is pissed. He is sure Howard is the MVP, so much so in fact, he is willing to put his life on it and bet a “bajillon kajillon” dollars. Yikes McCrae I am not even sure how many pizzas you need to deliver to get that much back!

For this week’s veto competition it was as though the producers chose this one for me. Helen dressed nearly like Doc Brown and proclaims that they all must travel back to the future to the past to find the first veto after it was destroyed in the present day. Even though the houseguests claimed the backyard transformed around them as they traveled it was clear that they were inside and then the actual competition was outside. After Spencer wins all the houseguests travel back to congratulate him (even though it would make a lot more sense if the players traveled to rejoin the rest of the houseguests in the present day but this is Big Brother so logic is thrown out of the window). Since Spencer won and took himself off it should come to no surprise that Aaryn nominates Candice as a replacement nom. No really! Those are her words, not mine. She actually said “this won’t be a surprise.” Come on Aaryn, really?

Spencer then tries to make sure Howard stays by targeting Amanda but when confronted by Amanda in the backyard Spencer says he is actually going after Candice. Both engage in some profane words that will not be posted here but Spencer does use a word that rhymes with "Schmidt." What really angers Amanda? Being told to do something that rhymes with “but dup.” Oh no, he didn’t!

Helen who is jogging as this is going on decides to start some trouble and tell Candice that Spencer is really after her. Candice, of course he is going to tell that to Amanda when his target is Amanda! However, we are treated to another house meeting where Candice calls out Spencer and asks if he ever said he hopes Amanda’s “boob pops out and dies” and that she “chokes on her own saliva.”  In the end this works against Candice. Not only does she prove Spencer does not like Amanda but she also scares GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Jessie to think about getting her out now instead.

Before we could vote we have to update the houseguests about the births of Tilly Godwin, North West, and George Louis Alexander in a stupid pop culture quiz. Now it is time to vote…but first let us watch a package of Judd’s hometown watching Big Brother. While I did find this a little absurd it is nice to see so many passionate Big Brother fans out there. To see Judd on TV for them is “the biggest thing since electricity.” But my question was why him? I guess they will not want to do any of the nominees since it may show favoritism or who may go home. They also already did a package on Amanda and McCrae last week. They definitely do not want to celebrate Aaryn, Spencer, and GinaMarie for their comments so that leaves people like Jessie, Andy, Helen, and Elisa. Yeah. I guess Judd was the best choice.

In the end it is Howard who is sent home after a 7-1-0 vote (Spencer voted to evict Candice out). Again a third nominee with zero votes. Can we all agree that this is not working? With three nominees and a MVP twist to get rid of floaters it seems like the entire house is now just full of them is season. Floaters 1. Big Brother 0.

In and Out Points:

- It looks like when they time traveled back from the veto competition they are stuck back in February of 2013. Why you may ask? Because the houseguests are spending their time making Harlem Shake videos.

- For some odd reason we are treated to a package of Andy walking out to the hammock only to be startled by a bird. Talk about a slow news week.

- Congrats to Amanda and McCrae for being “Big Brother engaged” or whatever that is. Let me know when you get “Big Brother divorced” and have to start paying “Big Brother alimony.”

- I noticed this week that Aaryn’s lower third reads “College Student.” Does anybody know if it said anything else before she lost her job due to her remarks?

- Speaking of Aaryn, here are some quotes that because of her history could easily be taken in the wrong direction.

“I know what it is like to be in the minority…of the house!” 
“Candice is the cause of every terrible thing I have been through.” 

Really Aaryn? If you think that now wait until you get out of the house.

Are you sad to see Howard go home? Should Candice or Amanda have gone in his place? Who will win the HOH endurance competition? But first, who is going to watch CBS’ Unforgettable Sunday nights at 9 only on CBS? (Can we get our money now?) Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly.