Thursday, May 14, 2015

Podcast Episode 99: 30 Seasons! 15 Years! One Survivor Retrospective Podcast!

In this week's special episode we discuss all thirty seasons of CBS’ Survivor (in order) in honor of the show’s 15th anniversary this month. What were some our favorite moments and how did they, along with many memorable castaways, shape the game we see today? We attempt to answer this and a variety of other questions in this special retrospective!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Podcast Episode 98: Other Space Season One, Inside Amy Schumer and The Last Man on Earth Season Finale

In this week's episode we react to the nominated contestants for Survivor: Second Chances (1:33) and the nominees for the 5th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards (11:20). We also discuss some recent developments in online streaming including Hulu’s acquisition of Seinfeld reruns (19:52) and NBC’s unique rollout for Aquarius (24:30). We also review season one of Yahoo! Screen’s Other Space (28:13), the first three episodes of Inside Amy Schumer’s third season (35:32) and the season one finale of The Last Man on Earth entitled “Screw the Moon” (45:26).

You can also listen to past episodes of the podcast on iTunes or on our YouTube channel.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Dual Redundancy's 4th Annual March Madness Bracket Results

One month ago we calculated your votes and revealed your favorite artist in pop music. While we recorded a results show podcast that revealed Justin Timberlake would be "crying a river” after Taylor Swift's victory, we realized no bracket was complete without…a completed bracket!

So without further ado here is a completed bracket with the winner included. How did she win? How close were the results? Those questions along with how we set up the bracket can be answered here with our podcast special.

After bracketing TV shows, movies, actors, and musical artists what is there left for next year? Leave a comment below or tweet to us @DualRedundancy if you have an idea for next March when we let the madness take control once again.