Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie News: Affleck is Batman Now.

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DA- Attention Gotham City. You have a new dark knight! It looks like director/writer/producer/actor Ben Affleck has sold the Daredevil suit and is ready to be the hero we deserve but not the one we needs as the latest Batman crusader!

Warner Bros. announced hours ago that Affleck will star alongside Henry "Superman" Cavill in the Man of Steel sequel they may pit these two legendary heros against each other. Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel, 300, and Watchmen among others, will be returning to direct this still untitled sequel.

While Affleck's Bruce Wayne will be "an entirely new incarnation of the character" fans should not worry. I am sure that this embodiment will be the same hero we have loved in the thousands of comic books, movies, television programs, video games, and action figures. do you like them apples? Is Affleck a good choice to take on the character? Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly.

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