Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TV Review: So You Think You Can Dance: "Top 20 Perform Part Two"

DA- Welcome back to So You Think You Can Dance! Tonight's show is jam packed! We got over 11 dances, four people to vote off save, and a giant commercial for the new Step Up sequel. So without further ado...

The night started off on a weird note. No, really. It was weird. We got a Marilyn Mason routine with a weird CGI video of Cyrus's half skull face that dissolved to the dancers in a Thriller-like setting. While this may have offended some conservative viewers because of the "scary" music it certainly pumped up the crowd. The dancers definitely, as the judges plugged thirty times tonight, "stepped it up."

In a side note: is this episode live? As a former dancer I know how fast dancers can change but going from a strange Manson get-up with makeup to a nice dress in twenty seconds? I don't think so.

Lindsay & Cole: The night started off great with a fun Christopher Scott routine about dentistry. Yes you head me correctly. While the choreography wasn't anything special it was all in their performances. These performances even allowed guest judge Adam Shankman to finally say the critique line of needing "to be more like Jennifer Anniston in Horrible Bosses." While Cole could have toned down the cheesiness I could definetly see why he was that happy. If I had a dentist visit with someone like Lindsay last week when I got my wisdom teeth out I would be jumping for joy too. B+

Amelia & Will: In this contemporary number I was scratching my head wondering why Amelia was smiling in a number that I thought had this week's "tough subject matter." Interesting lifts but a lot of been there done that. Don't you agree Nigel? What's that? You couldn't hear a word I say? Maybe it is because you are sitting right next to the hot tamale train conductor, Mary Murphy! B 

Amber & Nick: In this tango number that would not stop spinning had more lifts where you could see the preparation a mile away. While I thought Nick brought the passion he may have brought too much. But someone had to to make up for Amber's lack thereof. C+

Audrey & Matthew: Holy legs Batman! Between Mr. Tights Matthew and her gorgeous long legs these lines could stretch for days. Not sure about their weird faces and performance, but overall I could not look away. B

Janelle & Dareian: Darien or Donald Duck (since I heard more of that accent then I have ever heard him talk) performed a great 50s number that was perfect. Everything worked together including their costumes, music, and choreography. Also very cute and intricate movements with his jacket and engagement ring prop that reminded me of Jason and Jeanie's "If It Kills Me" routine from a few seasons ago. The judges said America will have a hard time judging based on the lack of choreography but they are forgetting that America doesn't judge on the dancing but instead who their favorite personality is. Whatever is the case, neither should have to worry. A-

Janaya & Brandon: Boy is this show good with benches. In a fun routine that lifted Jason Cheeseman's name from the gutters from last week's routines, both had the fun performances of two quirky strangers meeting on a park bench. While the song was questionable this routine kept me laughing and smiling throughout it. Best of the night between the couples by far. A

Eliana & Cyrus: I missed what genre they said it was before they introduced the routine but when the music started I instantly started laughing and questioning what I was about to see. In this cheesy routine you may see performed at a country bar or line dance club (if that even exists) both dancers did not look like the professional talent this show tries to find. While Cyrus was completely out of his comfort zone and performing air guitar tricks throughout the routine, his personality will save himself from next week's bottom three. D+

Daniel & Alexa: Rub a dub! Let's hop in the tub! In a surpassingly sexual routine involving these two dancers (who look like they are brother and sister) had both dancers in their element (even if it was in a bathtub). Believe me, I have tried some of these lifts and jumps in the tub before and for me they do not seem as graceful and beautiful as they do here. B+

Tiffany & George: Foxtrot. Enough said. I was zoning in and out in this routine like the dancers were whirling around. For me this was nothing special and was glad when it was time to move on to the next routine. C+

Witney & Chehon: I feel like SYTYCD had one good bollywood number to "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire the first time they tried it but nothing since has lived up to that first routine. You can tell it was a long night not only for these dancers but also for the camera crew as they were getting looser with their shots and reactions and making mistakes with their timing and framing. Overall not a great routine to end the night with. C+

This week the bottom six included Janaya, Alexa, and Witney for the girls and Nick, Daniel, and Chehon for the boys (who for the record were all in my lowest rated dances from last week's review). But before we found out who was going home we got a giant "commercial" or promotion for Step Up Revolution. While normally these are out of place and gimmicky, this performance after the trailer was some of the best dancing of the night and (since we are only in episode two) the season!

Finally we ended with the judges saving Witney and Chehon and I jumped for joy that Witney will grace my screen for another week. However I am sad to see Daniel, Alexa, and Janaya go home especially after their great performances tonight. As for Nick who was sporting his Dracula-like costume as he was sent home...yeah. See ya later.

Originally Aired: 7/18/12

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