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TV Review Catch-Up: Big Brother 14: Breaking Down the Final 5

ML- Frank was my Day 1 pick to win it all, a belief I strayed from only while Janelle reared her blonde head in the house. My last post was made after Janie's eviction, at which point I re-alligned with Frank and gave him my blessing to the end.

His elimination has inspired me to return to blogging and re-assess the game, which has changed drastically since the Final 12. I had the great fortune to attend the live Double Eviction and send my pick off in person (I'm the blonde in the light blue on the left of the above picture). I backed him throughout the season, through every nomination, every HoH, and now he's off to sequester with only Ted and some bad feelings.

I can't talk about the taping, but I did get to have a moment with Frank when I yelled "Preesh" (his favorite phrase) and he looked back and acknowledged me. I also got to see Joe walk out the door, and I tried my best to keep from rolling my eyes during his exit interview. Maybe you'll catch one if you look close enough!

So we're down to 5:

From Team Britney: Shane
From Team Dan: Coach Dan & Danielle
From Team Boogie: Ian & Jenn
Nobody from Team Janelle :(

It's amazing to see Dan's comeback thus far. They nearly got both him and Danielle out of the house Week 2. Now, he is living large and playing a big, bold, badass game that is going to leave many jurors bitter. His funeral was undoubtedly one of the game's greatest moments, and cemented his legacy as one of the BB legends. But who could Dan face-off with in the Final 2 and beat?

Definitely NOT Ian. Ian is loved by America and many of the jurors. He would eat Dan alive, but apparently he intends to go to the end with "the best", meaning Dan. And let's face it, any of the other three winning would be a massive disappointment to this season.

Shane has played a universally unremarkable endgame. Could that be a strategy? Doesn't make much sense when every HoH/PoV is crucial to you surviving the week. He is undoubtedly a nice guy, and his competition wins could gain him some swing votes if he makes the Final 2.

Danielle has played a good social game, and both she and Shane have been very loyal. Many criticize Danielle for being a pathological liar, which can only help you in the BB house! Upon his exit, Boogie predicted she would win, noting the amount of friends she may have on the jury. If Dan goes up against her in the Final 2, I'm not sure where the votes would go.

And then there's Jenn. Jenn City. I love how Jenn tries really hard in her confessionals to deceive us into thinking she's a legitimate player in this game. Her one move, winning the PoV and saving Dan, was a triumph for Dan, not Jenn. She's not necessarily unlikable, but has no business being victorious for anything she's done this summer.

While I think Ian will win this game, I really hope it's Dan. Sure, he's already won before and had a few weeks of safety. He, like Frank, has had to PLAY every week. He may not have shown it by strategizing with everyone, but the gears were always turning. I respect that game more than Ian's of being likable and cute and winning challenges. Ian winning would definitely make me happy, but Dan winning would make this whole season that much more of a success.

Let's look at possible F2 scenarios, shall we?

Dan/Ian: Ian would win (Frank, Ashley, Joe, Britney, maybe Shane)
Dan/Danielle: Close, my money is on Danielle (Shane, Frank and Ashley's votes locked up, maybe Brit)
Dan/Shane: Shane? (Danielle, Britney, Joe, Frank, Ashley are all likely.)
Dan/Jenn: Dan (Maybe Frank/Ash voting for Jenn, everyone in their right mind votes Dan)
Ian/Danielle: Probably Ian (Frank/Ash/Britney/Joe)
Ian/Shane: Probably Ian (Frank/Ash/Britney/Dan)
Ian/Jenn: Ian
Danielle/Shane: Maybe Danielle (Dan/Ian/Jenn), probably Shane (Frank/Ash/Joe/Britney)
Danielle/Jenn: Danielle
Shane/Jenn: Shane

So in terms of Most Likely to win, I see it as:
Ian wins 4/4 Final 2s
Shane wins 3/4
Danielle wins 2/4
Dan wins 1/4
Jenn wins 0/4

Things could change, obviously, like Frank/Ash not necessarily voting together, or more people respecting gameplay rather than holding grudges.

Will these predictions stand up? Find out in the coming weeks! I'll try to keep up with the blog at least once a week.

My Pick to Win It All: Ian
Double Eviction #2 Grade: A
Season Grade So Far: A-
Original Episode Airdate: 09/06/2012

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