Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TV Review: New Girl 2x01: Re-Launch

DA- Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! The new girl is back (which I guess makes her the old girl at this point) with two new episodes last night. Since there is so much to talk about without further ado…

As soon as the first episode begins Jess probably wished she never came back. Not only did she get laid off from her job due to cut backs, she had to scratch Schmidt’s “undercarriage” due to old and scratchy groin cask. On the bright side though she did get to take a lost and found item out of the box so there’s that.

Schmidt begins to plan his rebranding event after the cask is finally removed (mostly to tell women he can have sex again). Jess begs him to let her be a shot girl for the party but even with her boobs free from “boob jail” Nick says she does not have that level of sexiness. While Jess may not have that level, Ivy (Jess’ new alter ego who is studying to be an actress) may.

At the event “Ivy” tries her best to win over the crowd while at the same time Schmidt and Winston tries to convince Nick to make his girly fruity drinks from college to loosen up the girls for the party. Nick agrees but Schmidt has moved on as soon as he sees Cece walk in with a new boyfriend. He realizes he needs to step up his game and show how dangerous he can be. After some fire stunts and nearly burning down the bar many of the partygoers leave. While Cece stays behind he says they would never work out anymore anyways. They are too similar and while he is “dangerous” her new boy Robbie is just a simple and good guy.

However back to Jess she realizes she is not a shot girl and unable to shake her “plywood ass.” Nick tells her that she does not need to be and that she can just be herself. He explains that life gets better and then sucks moments later. That is just what happens to everyone and she just needs to accept it. Unlike Schmidt she has no reason to rebrand herself. She will always be the “adorkable” Jess to us.

Episode Grade: B
Episode MVP: Schmidt
Original Airdate: 9/25/12

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