Sunday, March 7, 2021

Dual Redundancy's March Madness Bracket - Favorite Film Franchise Round 2


It is March and that only means one thing: March Madness! Last year we asked what was your favorite TV character currently on TV. This year we want to know what is your favorite film franchise? 

For our bracket we defined a “franchise” as a series of four or more films that either share the same fictional universe or are marketed as a series. Some franchises seemingly cover multiple films (MCU/Spider-Man and DCEU/Batman) but different studios are legally involved and are considered separate by sites like Box Office Mojo, Business Insider and Rotten Tomatoes. Seeding was decided based on cumulative North American box office totals (from Box Office Mojo). Each week each franchise will go head to head until only one film franchise remains!

Voting for each round will close on Sunday night and the next round of match-ups will begin on Mondays. Keep an eye on the blog, our Twitter feed and each episode’s show notes for the voting link!

Speaking of voting ROUND TWO has begun! Please only one vote per person.

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