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TV Review: Big Brother 15: "Week One"

DA- While it has only been one week in the Big Brother house there has been enough drama to fill an entire season (or the very least a giant jar of BBQ sauce). Before I discuss the controversy that has already come out of the house, I am going to try and recap the entire week faster than the houseguests can drink an entire bottle of red wine…let’s go!

Nick started off Sunday’s broadcast with a great idea. Let’s form an alliance that includes Jeremy, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, and himself. Too bad it was already formed without him a few days before but in the end he still got to join and help name it The Moving Company. Why TMC? Because they well umm…move contestants out the door?

After a camping have-not competition that had houseguests stack cans on a balancing board after they retrieved them from a larger cooler, McCrae put Candice and Jessie on the block. McCrae picked these two because he believes they are the least liked in the house. However, I think I agree with Amanda that his real reason was because Jessie has a “better ass than” she does. That would be my thought process if I had to nominate people in a game for a half of million dollars!

Tuesday night’s episode was all about the MVP twist and who it would be. Elissa jokingly tells the house she will get a lot of votes because of her sister who is Rachel Riley a supermodel named, according to Jeremy, “Jazelle ButtChin.” In the end “ButtChin” pulled through for Elissa and she was awarded the MVP fan vote and nominated Jeff Spicoli Harry Dunne David much to Aaryn’s dismay. (It’s been a week. I’m sorry your “boyfriend” who lives at home with only a seasonal job and no ambition is going to leave you forever for possibly three months. Stop crying!)

But before David is sent packing he gets another chance to make a fool of himself in the veto challenge. This week some emotionless judge from CBS’ The American Baking Competition hosts as houseguests run through honey and pop blueberry balloons to retrieve letters to spell a word. Whoever has the longest word (or “longest letter” according to David) after time runs out wins. While Howard and Jessie had seven-letter words it looked like Elissa with “potroasts” was going to win. Unfortunately “potroasts” is two words and McCrae with an eight-letter word wins. However, David did not leave the competition empty handed. He did receive the honor of being the only contestant in Big Brother history to not spell a single word in this type of challenge! Go David Go! McCrae uses the veto to take Candice off and put Elissa on the block in order to please the house (and probably displease America in the process).

Now going into eviction night Julie promised to show the houseguests and their “true colors.” While I thought for a second they might address the recent controversy, which I will get to soon, I was sorely let down and instead got to see more hookups and houseguests flirting. Thankfully we did get a little drama and it is all thanks to some alcohol.

Big Brother gave the house one bottle of red wine and the houseguests agreed to wait until midnight so the have-nots can celebrate with them…well most of the houseguests. An hour before midnight Aaryn and David couldn’t wait a second longer so Jeremy grabbed it and the group of them drank it before anyone else could get a sip. While Jeremy falls on the sword later and said he drank the entire bottle (when it looked like the house was angry at Aaryn for doing just that) I want to fault Big Brother instead. One bottle? For the entire house? Even though a limited supply brought the drama, next time you should supply an unlimited amount to really get the “unexpected” going!

In the end David is sent home with seven votes (Elissa received five and Jessie received none). Will I be sad to see David go? Not a chance. I want my houseguests to play the game and not sign up for Big Brother to just hook up (which was his goal over the money). It was clear David was recruited because not only did he not know any past contestants like Rachel Riley but also he didn’t even know what was going on in the house. For example during his goodbye interview he asks Julie will he ever find out who the MVP was. First off, everyone in the house knew it was Elissa…EVERYONE! Secondly, yes you will find out. In case you did not know David, you are on a TV show. TV shows are things on television, which you can watch in your own home. Now a home is…never mind.

Now to get to the part I am sure you actually want to discuss (but Big Brother definitely does not want to even bring it up) the offensive comments! While I will not repeat any of these comments on this blog, if you are truly interested you can easily find them online with a simple Google search. For those who do not know many of the houseguests including GinaMarie, Spencer, and Aaryn have used derogative terms and offensive comments describing other members of the house. While I understand Big Brother is a “family show” and airs on one of the main networks (which is still overly cautious after this famous incident) I wish they could show these contestants for who they really are. There will be plenty of people out there possibly rooting for their success unaware that these pretty houseguests are pretty ugly on the inside. 

Thankfully word has spread around on the Internet and many houseguests are getting their dues. Both GinaMarie and Aaryn have been fired by their respective jobs and I am sure they will have a hard time getting a job after this “vacation” in the house. During Wednesday’s live eviction while it is unclear if they were just booing for votes against Elissa or cheering for votes cast for David, it is possible people have gotten word about Aaryn’s comments and want to see her (and her “boyfriend” David) fail. These boos and cheers were so loud that supposedly contestants could hear them in the house and producers could be seen trying to quiet the audience during the broadcast. Ironically they only “booed” during Aaryn’s vote before they were told to be quiet so she may think America hates only her and she needs to change what she is saying and doing. Only time will tell if Big Brother will address this matter on the show (besides a standard public statement) and if any of the houseguests will improve their behavior.

In and Out Points:

- Spencer is already handing out nicknames for The Moving Company including one for himself: “The Conductor.” Uh-oh! This isn’t Survivor you know. Don’t let Phillip Sheppard know you are copying his whole shtick. 

- While we saw a little hook-up between McCrae and Amanda I heard it got a little more PG-13 on the live feeds. I’ll just repost Amanda’s comment that she said in bed with McCrae: “It’s like SeaWorld down there.”

- Ultimately The Moving Company picked David because he was a challenge threat while they could use Elissa (and her possible MVP status each week) to control who goes up and possibly goes home. If America stands behind her and Elissa works with TMC this could be a great plan.

- I feel as though while three nominees makes it more “interesting” I think it will end up like Survivor’s final three. In the end it will always be between two people and the third will be a non-entity, for instance this week with Jessie.

- Finally, we ended tonight with the classic fill a container of liquid using only a small cup HOH challenge. However this time we had teams of two competing instead of individuals. Depending on who finally wins it we could have some interesting dynamics when they have to choose who will be crowned the real HOH.

Was David the right choice to send home? Who will win the HOH challenge? What do you think of the recent controversy? But first, what is the longest word you can spell? Let me know in the comments or @eastwoodmcfly.

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