Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Podcast Episode 423: White House Plumbers & Bupkis Series Premieres and Flamin' Hot Movie Trailer

In this week's episode David, John and Kyle discuss a viral Netflix contract that would grant the company free use of simulating an actor's voice with AI (1:40), the end of Netflix's DVDs by mail service (9:25) and news that Disney+ and Hulu will be pseudo-merged into an "one-app experience" (13:30). Next we preview the upcoming Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie by discussing the new trailer (25:35). Finally we review the series premiere of HBO's White House Plumbers miniseries (31:50) before sharing some Quick Checks on The West Wing (43:10), Bupkis (50:35) and Like a Dragon: Ishin (58:30). 

Plus be sure to listen to the very end for a very special "mini-episode" of Dual Redundancy hosted by "David", "John" and "Kyle"

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