Thursday, December 24, 2020

Dual Redundancy’s 2020: Year in Review

We will back in January with all new weekly episodes but as we wait Dave, John and Kyle are here to give a quick look back at their favorite podcast moments from 2020.

All of our podcasts from the past year are available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. You can search for specific episodes here on the blog or play all 49 live shows (which we originally streamed on Twitch) with this special YouTube playlist.

Specifically here are a few shows that stood out to us in 2020:

DR 287 - March Madness Bracket Winner Reveal: Your Favorite TV Character
DR 291 - The 15 Year Anniversaries of The Office & How I Met Your Mother
DR 296 - Road Trip: The 20th Anniversary Podcast
DR 300 - Looking Back to Dual Redundancy Episode #1
DR 304 - Favorite Summer Blockbusters with The Good, The Bad & The Watchable Podcast
DR 318 - Building a 90's Streaming Service: A TV Draft Game
DR 320 - Home Alone: The 30th Anniversary Podcast
DR 323 - Winding Down 2020: Your Favorites in Movies, TV and Pop Culture

Be sure you are subscribed to the podcast and are following the show on Twitter and Instagram. We will be live again Tuesday January 5th on Twitch! Happy Holidays and see you all in 2021!

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