Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Podcast Episode 433: Fall 2023 Movie and TV Catch-Up! Squid Game: The Challenge, The Curse, Fargo and More


We're back baby! In this week's episode David, John and Kyle discuss Warner Bros shelving Coyote vs Acme movie as a tax write-off and why the U.S. Government may be getting involved (2:50). We also discuss HBO's secret army of Twitter accounts to push back against TV critics (9:45). Next, we preview the upcoming Fallout series on Prime Video by reacting to the teaser trailer (14:35). Finally, we catch-up on everything we missed and are watching from the fall of 2023 including Squid Game: The Challenge (21:40), The Killer (32:55), Gen V (38:00), The Curse (42:55), Fargo (48:30) and Killers of the Flower Moon (55:45)!


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