Friday, June 26, 2020

Podcast Episode 298: Perry Mason and Crossing Swords Series Premieres

In this week's episode David, John and Kyle discuss the controversy AMC Theaters tried to avoid by making masks optional in their reopening (1:55) and how two guys came up with a plan to get the number one movie in America (19:10). We also discuss the upcoming release of Hamilton on Disney+ (24:25) and how Apple TV+ will now buy a back catalog for their service (29:00). Finally, we review the series premieres of HBO's Perry Mason (36:15) and Hulu's Crossing Swords (45:10).

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  1. John and Kyle discuss the controversy AMC?

  2. The bravest of the brave have too often been led by the vilest of the vilest. We see this in other movies, too.