Thursday, May 15, 2014

Podcast Episode 61: Winding Down: The Network Upfronts, The "Trophy Wife" Series Finale, "New Girl" & "Survivor: Cagayan"

In this week's episode we discuss the network upfront for each network including NBC (2:23), FOX (11:19), CBS (24:00), and ABC (35:45). This includes Community's cancellation, the end of animation domination for FOX, CBS passing on How I Met Your Dad, and ABC's Marvel schedule, respectively. We also wind down the series finale of Trophy Wife "Mother's Day" (46:10) and the season three finale of New Girl "Cruise" (53:05). Finally, we preview the Survivor: Cagayan finale by analyzing the second to last episode "Straw That Broke the Camel's Back" (1:02:25).

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