Thursday, February 22, 2018

Podcast Episode 194: Predicting the 90th Academy Awards vs. The Boyle and Rojas Podcast

In this week’s episode David and Kyle take on special guest Nick Rojas of The Boyle and Rojas Podcast in predicting the very unpredictable Oscars. In this special episode they try and forecast who will take home the Oscar in all the major categories for the 90th Academy Awards.

We discuss (in order) best adapted screenplay (8:50), best original screenplay (13:25), best supporting actress (17:30), best supporting actor (21:05), best actress (28:30), best actor (34:30), best director (42:05), and best picture (48:25).

This episode was originally recorded and released on February 19th on our YouTube channel and is also available for download on SoundCloud. For even more Oscar related content be sure to listen to our reviews of some of the nominated films. Finally, you can also listen to past episodes of the podcast on iTunes or on YouTube.

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