Saturday, September 12, 2015

Podcast Episode 108: Predictions for the Unpredictable 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards (67th Primetime Emmys)

Every year we try to predict the very unpredictable Emmys in a very special episode of Dual Redundancy. This year Dave, Mike and John try and forecast who will take home the Emmy in all the major categories for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards. The ceremony will be on Sunday, September 20th on FOX and will be hosted by Andy Samberg.

We first discuss how Andy will do (2:15), overall nomination stats (5:40) and give our miscellaneous predictions for various smaller categories (8:35). We then predict (in order) drama supporting actress (23:10), drama supporting actor (29:25), comedy supporting actress (34:00), comedy supporting actor (39:00), drama lead actress (43:25), drama lead actor (50:00), comedy lead actress (56:15), comedy lead actor (1:01:30), drama series (1:05:25) and comedy series (1:10:05). Along the way we also veto a nomination in every category and replace the nominee with another who we believe deserves that spot.

You can also listen to past episodes of the podcast on iTunes or on our YouTube channel. This includes coverage of many of the Emmy nominated shows plus an Emmy nomination reaction podcast. As an added bonus be sure to print out your very own Emmy ballot where you can keep track of our predictions and have an easy guide to follow along during the show!

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